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Industrial Safety Signage, Available in Campbelltown and Nowra from Illawarra Signs Company

Work Health and Safety regulations require business owners, employers or managers to use signage to communicate any workplace threats to their workers. In other words, if there is a danger, hazard or safety risk in your workplace—no matter how major or minor it may be perceived—you need to use signage to warn employees and customers. Strong safety signage can promote best practices among your employees, demand care in the handling of dangerous materials or equipment and more.

Most workplaces have some safety hazards, whether they take the form of slippery floors or fire safety threats. In more industrial work environments, though—from factories to construction sites—there tend to be more hazards with which to be concerned. As such, these sites also demand more regarding safety signage.

Illawarra Signs Company: For Industrial Safety Signage in Nowra and Campbelltown

At Illawarra Signs Company, we have spent the past 20 years designing workplace safety signage solutions in Campbelltown and Nowra. While we design occupational safety signs for clients from virtually any industry, many of our skills take us to the industrial sector. From manufacturing factories to mining operations to construction worksites, you can find our signage at many industrial worksites throughout New South Wales.

Designing industrial safety signage solutions is often a challenge for companies because of the sheer number of workplace hazards that exist. Mineshafts, factory floors, construction sites and other industrial work sites are inherently more dangerous places than, say, a retail store or a commercial office building, and complying with all the health and safety legislation can be daunting.

Despite the presence of higher risk, though, companies operating in these industrial fields still should follow Work Health and Safety legislation. They need signage solutions that warn workers of risks, emergencies and hazards on the workplace. Typically, this requirement means a lot of signage, warning about a wide range of different threats.

Because of the sheer scope of industrial worksites and their inherent safety hazards, designing an industrial safety signage solution is often a daunting and difficult task for enterprises in Campbelltown or Nowra.

That's where Illawarra Signs Company comes in: we conduct worksite inspections and share in-depth conversations with business owners and project managers to understand their unique safety signage needs. Then, we craft a solution that will keep your workers safe and will deliver smart best practices to your team and help you achieve compliance.

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No matter what your safety signage needs are in Nowra or Campbelltown, Illawarra Signs Company can help. Regardless of whether it's an indoor sign or an outdoor sign, and regardless of the message you need to convey to workers or visitors, we can design the solution you need. We will even deliver your signage solutions to your worksite.

If you are interested in working with Illawarra Signs Company, we hope you will reach out and contact us today! You can reach us either via telephone (on 02 4274 7452) or email (at

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