Industrial Safety Signage - Sutherland Shire & Wollongong

Build a Safer Workplace with Commercial and Industrial Safety Signage in Sutherland Shire and Wollongong

Establishing a safe workplace is a vital concern for any business—and not just because it plays into government regulatory compliance. As an employer and business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees have a safe place to work. Whether it’s the floor of a retail showroom or a hazardous industrial worksite, taking safety precautions is an essential step. A safer workplace means improved employee morale, less downtown, greater productivity and superior brand image, among other things.

At Illawarra Signs Company, we provide proper signage as part of our mission in helping businesses establish safer workplaces. We design and manufacture safety signage in Sutherland Shire and Wollongong. We also serve a broad range of industries with our signage solutions—ranging from retail to hospitality to commercial office spaces to industrial factories. No matter your business or industry, we can design safety signage to suit your needs.

Illawarra Signs Company: Providing the Safety Signage You Need in Wollongong or Sutherland Shire

When you think of workplace safety signs, your mind may wander to different things depending on your industry and your personal experience. You may think of warning, danger or caution signs, meant to identify potential threats. You might think of no smoking signs, no trespassing signs or other signs meant to prevent certain actions. You might think of restricted access signs, meant to keep employees or customers out of potentially dangerous areas. You might think of fire safety signs, hazardous materials signs or other signs encouraging extra care in handling certain materials or devices. You may even think of slippery floor signs.

Regardless of your safety signage needs, Illawarra Signs Company can help. We have a wide range of standard commercial and industrial signage designs that we make available to clients in Sutherland Shire and Wollongong. We are also happy to design custom signs based on more unique or particular needs. If you think there is a sign that could help make your workplace safer, you can count on us to design it.

Signs with Built-in Compliance

Another benefit of working with Illawarra Signs Company is that we design all our commercial and industrial signage in Wollongong and Sutherland Shire to meet national compliance standards. In 1994, the AS 1319 law went into effect, setting standards for “safety signs for the occupational environment.” The standard set specific guidelines for any signs warning of hazards, providing emergency information and otherwise regulating safety. Safety signage must meet the AS 1319 standards to be legal and compliant in an occupational setting.

At Illawarra Signs Company, we have been operating for 20+ years, which means that we have learned our craft in the age of this regulatory standard. We know every single point of compliance laid out in AS 1319, and we always design and manufacture our safety signage to meet those requirements. You can work with us knowing that your signage will be entirely compliant.

Are you interested in working with our company to design your safety signage in Wollongong or Sutherland Shire? Call us today on 02 4274 7452.

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